Fair and Transparent Pricing Policy

Dale Saunders LTD offer simple and transparent plumbing prices. No call out fees or hidden charges. Just straight forward hourly and fixed rates. We are also happy to provide free estimates for larger projects such as central heating system installation, bathrooms and kitchens.

Our hourly rates and fixed plumbing prices can been found in the table below. Please note that prices followed by “PH” are hourly rates.

Did you know that you can book any fixed price service or arrange a free estimate using the form on this page?

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Service RatesMon – Fri
8am – 6pm
Mon – Fri
6pm – 8am
7am – 6pm
6pm – 12am
12am – 12pm
Plumbing (exc VAT)£55.00 PH£100.00 PH£100.00 PH£100.00 PH£100.00 PH
Plumbing (inc VAT)£66.00 PH£120.00 PH£120.00 PH£120.00 PH£120.00 PH
Heating/Gas Work/Oil Repair (exc VAT)£60.00 PH£100.00 PH£100.00 PH£100.00 PH£100.00 PH
Heating/Gas Work/Oil Repair (inc VAT)£72.00 PH£120.00 PH£120.00 PH£120.00 PH£120.00 PH
Gas Boiler Service (exc VAT)£60.00 Fixed
Gas Boiler Service (inc VAT)£72.00 Fixed
Oil Boiler Service (exc VAT)£100.00 Fixed
Oil Boiler Service (inc VAT)£120.00 Fixed
LPG Boiler Service (exc VAT)£65.00 Fixed
LPG Boiler Service (inc VAT)£78.00 Fixed
Unvented System Service (exc VAT)£55.00 Fixed
Unvented System Service (inc VAT)£66.00 Fixed
Landlord Gas Certificate (exc VAT)£55.00 Fixed
Landlord Gas Certificate (inc VAT)£66.00 Fixed
Landlord Cert + Service (exc VAT)£95.00 Fixed
Landlord Cert + Service (inc VAT)£114.00 Fixed
Unscheduled Rates (exc VAT)£100.00 PH
Unscheduled Rates (inc VAT)£120.00 PH

Our Rates:

We charge a minimum of one hour on all jobs, thereafter work is charged in 30 minute increments. Travel time is charged for the journey to the property. No travel time is charged for the return journey. Feel free to contact us for an estimate. Rates exclude materials.

Emergency & unscheduled call out bookings, must be made by 12pm. Works requested on an emergency, same day service or unscheduled work, will be charged at £80.00 per hour + Vat for the first hour and then the standard rate will apply. All works requested outside of our 10 mile radius will incur an extra cost of £15 + Vat on top of our standard rates.

Call 01424 211 821 for advice or an estimate.

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